For thousands of years, the world has been empowered with literacy. Today, we are empowered with keyboards. Our freedom of speech is now shielded with our ability to reach. When we use the term ‘social media’, we’re really referring to the media of a new society. It’s made of individuals who are in the process of being acknowledged as people.

This is us, you and me. This is our new media. Microcast.


  • Broken by Heart

    Regrets. There’s nothing worse to endure. The worst regrets emerge from the failure to follow the heart — to go against it.

  • House of Salted Caramel

    Christoph was a terrible driver. I only drove with him once, and he almost crashed us. Not long after that, he did crash the same car, a cube-like Skoda, and then bought himself another Skoda. He was so fond of the Czech automobile brand, which was acquired by the German Volkswagen Group in 1994. I…

  • my microcast

    When we think of social media, the first thing that comes to our minds are the various electronic platforms that operate it. We associate it with services that range from MySpace to Twitter, and from Yahoo! to LinkedIn. Our understanding of social media is quite shallow. Yet, in fairness, the term ‘social media’ itself is…

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