The Gray Devil in Me

Have you ever loved a woman so much that you thought all other women were an illusion? Have you ever watched the woman you love the most getting raped, every day, without you being able to do anything to stop it?

The rapists vary; brothers, fathers, cousins, neighbors and tourists but the she is the same. They make you question yourself: ‘is it love or do I rape her too every time I touch her?’Continue reading “The Gray Devil in Me”

The Obama Legacy

Until 2009, nothing seemed to have damaged the relationship between the United States and Muslims across the world more than the 9/11 attacks and the wars that followed. When President Obama was first elected in late 2008, there was hope he would be the one to rebuild that relationship.Continue reading “The Obama Legacy”

You hate Daesh’s jihad? Know what you’re saying

Many politicians love to call the Islamic State Daesh. They don’t like the group, so Daesh sounds like a good dirty word that fits. Syrian activist Khaled al-Haj Saleh was the one who first used the term to degrade the former al-Qaeda affiliate. It sounded similar to ‘daes’, one who crushes something underfoot, or ‘dahes’, a tumor.Continue reading “You hate Daesh’s jihad? Know what you’re saying”

Army Diary: This Is How We Live

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) estimated Syria’s death toll at 340,124 casualties as of October 16, 2015. A minimum of 87,312 and up to 132,000 account for losses within the Syrian military, yet very little has been heard about them.

Below is a translation of a Facebook post by Tarek Kholy, who gives us an account on what it means to be one of the soldiers who have to go through this ordeal.
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Digitization and Social Networks (Pros and Cons)

Below is the original draft of a speech I gave on November 23, 2015 — in the framework of the Professional Speaking Skills class, at the University of Graz.

I was nervous and my speech didn’t go according to plan, so the text and the video are not exactly the same.  For YouTube version click here.

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