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For thousands of years, the world has been empowered with literacy. Today, we are empowered with keyboards. Our freedom of speech is now shielded with our ability to reach. When we use the term ‘social media’, we’re really referring to the media of a new society. It’s made of individuals who are in the process of being acknowledged as people.

This is us, you and me. This is our new media. Microcast.

Damascus Diary

personal, relevant

My name is Damascus, so Damascus Diary is my diary. There are no other authors on this WordPress website. I’m all you get here. I’m not the geographical location that you find on the map. That location is named after people just like me. When we live in Damascus, we make it Damascene. When we leave the land, we take the city with us wherever we go. I’m the smallest Damascene particle you’ll find, yet certainly not the only one. Here you’ll find my father, my mother, and Joud, the Jobar driver. I may have left Syria for good, but I still claim my capital. You’re another particle, just like me, Damascene or another form of existence. You and I are no less than Alexander of Alexandria. The places where we live are worthless if they’re not named after us.

We make up the whole world.

Recent Posts

Broken by Heart

Regrets. There’s nothing worse to endure. The worst regrets emerge from the failure to follow the heart — to go against it.

House of Salted Caramel

Christoph was a terrible driver. I only drove with him once, and he almost crashed us. Not long after that, he did crash the same car, a cube-like Skoda, and then bought himself another Skoda. He was so fond of the Czech automobile brand, which was acquired by the German Volkswagen Group in 1994. I…

my microcast

When we think of social media, the first thing that comes to our minds are the various electronic platforms that operate it. We associate it with services that range from MySpace to Twitter, and from Yahoo! to LinkedIn. Our understanding of social media is quite shallow. Yet, in fairness, the term ‘social media’ itself is…


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Timeless Town

a microcosmos

Having lived in Damascus, Graz and Bamberg, I have realized that UNESCO World Heritage Sites are made of stones that are meant to last, yet the people who live within these stones are often forgotten. This seems to be the recipe to keep an old city alive for thousands of years.

Not in Timeless Town, though. Ours is a city whose lasting heritage is made of our life stories.

Otto J. Band – Citizen One

Core Criterion

conversation reset

‘Globalism’ and ‘globalization’ are contested and slippery concepts, the interpretation of which is shaped by how we view ourselves from a globalized lens. Microcast media discourse, as I view it, considers globalization to be the act of ultimate decentralization of social order. Globalism, on the other hand, is the set of principles and codes that govern this process of decentralization. What microcast globalization seeks is freedom, harmony, and true end-to-end connectivity – a state of digital nomadism and self-employment. Globalism is no longer a dirty word when it achieves a global public discourse towards that end.

Over the past few decades, globalization has taken the form of consumerism and fast economy, Political Correctness, falling-domino unrest, financial crises, immigration crises and the fast spread of pandemics. This has all resulted from a tyrannical form of neo-liberal globalism that has hijacked the process of globalization, establishing a pyramid-scheme society across the world.

Core Criterion is a microcast contribution to reset the conversation about globalism and discuss the path towards a healthier globalization for all.

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